Friday, August 21, 2009

The Entry

One of the unique characteristics of the 24 Hours of LeMons races is the fact that entries have to be “approved”. The entry form on the website required not only a Team Name – but an essay explaining why your entry is so much better than all the others.

A quick glance at all of the past races reveals that there are some incredible team names and themes. Being a very left brained person, this could prove difficult. I’m not even going to think about the essay.

After trying to think of all the words that might spell SE-R, NIS (san), I was stuck. The news currently has choice words like Subprime and Stimulus – but nothing seemed to flow. I know – 50 great ideas are flowing in your head right now – but this was our team trying to come up with something that would give justice to the great team names before us.

Finally – we just went with the Lemon theme – and went with Pucker Factor Racing. If you don’t like it – just don’t tell me.

Next comes the Essay. Here is what we came up with as an 11th hour entry.

We saved a classic SE-R from certain oblivion after it was totaled by a Texas hail storm. We purchased it from the original owner for the insurance buy-back. We had to convince him that potential destruction on a race course was a much more glorious end than whatever plans his greedy insurance company had for the car.

Since he had already added a header, exhaust, and JWT POP, we figured it was the perfect car to race at LeMons. Only LeMons participants can appreciate what is behind the faded paint and hundreds of huge hail dents.

Our team consists of bench racers who never really achieved their dreams before family life took over. No one really understands how much a group of accountants, welders, computer programmers, lawyers and the like could possibly want to work so hard on what appears to be such a beater.

We have also committed to take whatever sponsor money we can weasel out of friends and greedy corporations and divert it to a charity. Since they funds will be for laps completed - we will have an extra incentive to stay out of trouble and on the track.

We certainly hope that you consider our entry into the Ye Haw it’s Lemons 2009. Especially since the car is already stripped and we wouldn't know what to tell our wives if we're all home on October 24 and 25th.

Late on the night of August 15th (yes – the last day to enter) – we clicked the submit button. We waited until August 17th when Jay sent us the great news – We’re In!

I guess we’d better get serious now.

Time to strip the car…..

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