Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting Organized

The most important thing behind a starting LeMons effort – besides the car – is becoming very familiar with the rules.

There are 4-6 drivers allowed. Since we are cheap and want to spread around the fun (work), we decided to go with 6 drivers and break up the work into 6 areas.


Each person on the team will be responsible for one area. That doesn’t mean that we won’t all pitch in together, it just means that we can all focus on one area for rules interpretation, planning, etc.

Logistics basically involves items such as the entry, rules interpretation, schedule, communication, PR, tow rig and trailer, and motivation. The person who owns Logistics will basically run the team and keep things moving.

Body basically involves stripping the car down to the minimums. This includes the doors, interior, glass, insulation, braces, a/c and heater, headlights and tail lights, and anything else that can be removed to make the car go faster. Every pound we loose makes the car that much faster, turn easier, brake harder, and is easier on the suspension and bushings. We are shooting for a 500 lb weight loss.

Performance is limited in the LeMons race. But, some of the “safety” items fall under the performance category. This includes wheels and tires, brakes, and the exhaust system. We can all perform freebies like the MAF ground and alignment, a four wheel alignment. Gauges are also allowed and these will fall under the performance category.

Reliability involves going over the car to make sure that everything will survive the race. This includes checking the struts, bushings, bearings, half-shafts, coolant (removal), etc. If any issues are found, then we’ll either need to find something suitable in a junkyard or from a “donor” car. Since we are already at the limit on price, we hope this doesn’t exceed what we can sell items for.

Safety is the area in LeMons where there is no budget. Unfortunately, our team still has a budget. Luckily we have most of the items from prior efforts. An IO Port cage – that needs some additions for the new rules, a Momo seat and steering wheel, and a kill switch. We will need a new harness and window net. But. Finding an SE-R definitely helps the budget.

Money may be the easiest. Basically we have to come up with a budget, keep up with receipts, entry fees, and keep tabs on it all. Also, we may have some scavenger sales. Anyone needs some door windows? The Money person will probably be responsible for the race day at the track.

Breaking up the work should help everyone stay focused, involved, and moving forward without getting overwhelmed.

Time for a Team…..

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LeMons SE-R

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