Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting Started

We had been trolling Craigslist for the ideal LeMons car. Sub $500. Preferably running or close to it. No major mechanical issues. Ugly is A-OK. Then, across our computer screen came the message:

Journey's End

Long time contributor and SE-R Mailing List member Jim Wright had his car totaled by the insurance company. A Texas Hail storm dealt the final blow. It was headed to the crusher. Or, was it?

We contacted Jim and inquired about a more fitting end for his SE-R that he purchased brand new in 1991. The 24 hours of LeMons maybe?

For us, an SE-R was a perfect car. Truthfully we had given up on the chances of finding one and were looking at more popular cars like old 325s, Mustangs, maybe even a Probe GT. But, this was the find we had hoped for! We have tons of spares, an IO Port Cage, Momo Seat and steering wheel, wheels, brakes, etc. from the old race car. We also have lots of performance goodies that will probably have to stay home in the spirit of the rules. Bummer….

The price was in line too. $500. This included a car with severe hail damage, a trashed interior, and some stylin 90’s 16” rims. But, it also included a JWT POP, Header, and full exhaust. Also, the car was mechanically solid. Lots of love in it’s 258,000 miles. For LeMons – we scored!

So, a check was sent in the mail and on June 29th, we picked up the car and drove it back to Dallas.

Time for a plan…..

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LeMons SE-R

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